Unlock your parenting potential

and DITCH the cycles that keep you STUCK!

  • Feeling Constantly Triggered?

    You may find yourself yelling, shutting down, or feeling stuck in the everyday shenanigans of childrearing. You may be wondering: does it really have to be this hard?

  • Feeling Ineffective with Big Emotions?

    You may feel flooded by your child's big feelings, and you just don't know how to best support them. You may be asking yourself: how do I get them to stop fussing so much?

  • Feeling Insecure About Discipline?

    You may resort to punishments, time-outs, and threats to get your child to comply, and then feel like garbage afterward. You may be questioning: is there a better solution that is actually practical?

Get ready to become a MASTER.

This bundle of workshops will help you:

  • Master their MELTDOWNS: learn effective, practical strategies for better managing tantrums, big feelings, epic meltdowns, and everything in between.

  • Master your TRIGGERS: learn my signature approach to understanding your behaviors and regulating your emotions.

  • Master DISCIPLINE: learn effective positive parenting strategies for containing the chaos and promoting your child's collaborative skills.

Proven, Effective Strategies

led by a Child-Parent Relationship Expert

  • Master the Art of Attunement, Boundaries, and Compassion

  • Master the Art of Self-Compassion, Self-Awareness, and Self-Regulation

  • Master The Art of Disciplining with Collaboration and Effective Communication

Take a Deeper Look

at what's inside your bundle:


  • 3 of my best-selling workshops, a $147 value

  • Over 8 hours of video instruction

  • 3 digital workbooks to help put these lessons to use

Managing Meltdowns: Ditch the quick tips and scripts that often fall short and learn expert-backed strategies to effectively manage meltdowns.

  • Become a master detective at unraveling exactly what’s beneath those big feeling moments.

  • Understand your child’s nervous system.

  • Learn how to help your child regulate.

Let Go of Your Triggers: Whether you yell or find yourself acting out in ways you struggle to comprehend in those big feeling moments, this workshop will help you understand the root cause of your triggers and teach you the foundational skill to break the cycle.

  • Deconstruct both the internal and external conditioning that keeps you trapped in the anger, frustration, and constant parental burn out.

  • Understand what’s beneath your triggers.

  • Follow a step-by-step plan to be less reactive and more connected.

Conscious Discipline Do’s and Dont’s: Stop buying into the traditional parenting paradigm that your kids need harsh discipline and tough love to be ‘good kids’. I’ll teach you how you can effectively discipline without rupturing the relationship between you and your child.

  • Learn the true meaning of what it means to consciously discipline (it’s probably not what you think).

  • Learn proven, practical skills to teach your child right from wrong without relying on yelling, threats, punishments, or punitive consequences.

  • Build the relationship between you and your child, even in chaotic, messy moments.

You get two choices

in these chaotic parenting moments...

You can keep overreacting to your child in frustration, OR You can learn the skills to respond to your child with curiosity, compassion, and collaboration.

Michela's Testimonial

Hear what she had to say about Let Go of Your Triggers

What People Are Saying

Meltdowns has been a savior

by Gretta

Consciously Managing Meltdowns has been such a savior. Literally helped so so much, on so many levels. I really loved the mantra for heading into meltdowns. That really clicked it all on for me: take the pause, gather self, and freakin be there for this little guy. After listening, I felt a dark cloud drift away and that felt so amazing. I'm excited to share this with my husband.

Say YES to Triggers


Loved that I said yes and joined this class! So much great info that I'm excited to listen again. Plus work through the workbook and find our deeper reasons why I act toward my triggers. I am so ready to change myself for myself so that my children can have a childhood for them.

Highly Recommend Conscious Discipline Do's and Dont's


I got a lot out of this class, especially how important it is to lead with curiosity. This class taught me to understand the reason why my child might be acting out, and it's changed how I show up as a result.

I Use These Tips ALL THE TIME!


The way you present the info is really helpful for me. It's always: Problem, example of the problem, what is the kid probably feeling?, what does a bad response look like?, why is that sort of response not ideal?, what's a better response?, why is that a better way to handle it? ... It's great! I use your tips all the time, and even if using your phrasing doesn't feel natural, I always feel like I understand the ultimate goal of what I'm trying to communicate and the do's and don'ts of communicating that thing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Finally feel EQUIPPED


Meet Your Instructor

The Conscious Mommy

Licensed Therapist, Mom of 2, and CEO & Founder of Conscious Mommy

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I’ve spent the past 11 years with families who feel ineffective in how they parent. I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be that way for you!

Don't Need the Full Bundle?

Purchase each workshop individually for $27 each

The bundle is the best bang for your buck, but we understand that you may not need all 3. Maybe you've been in this community for a long time, and you really just need support in one area of letting go.

Or, maybe you're not ready to dive into all 3 of these life-changing workshops just yet.

Don't worry!  This is not a race. It's a marathon. You can take your time.  I've got you covered!

*You have access to the bundle for 365 days post-purchase.

**Terms and Conditions may apply. 

***Disclaimer: Purchasing a workshop does not initiate any type of therapeutic relationship with Bryana Kappadakunnel. Coaching workshops are not therapy and do not replace therapy.

Common Questions

  • How is the Conscious Mommy framework different from other approaches?

    The Conscious Mommy framework starts with you, the parent. It is the only framework available that not only teaches parents tools to regulate their own emotions, but also helps parents gain deep insights as to *why* they're struggling in the first place. Through this knowledge, parents become more effective in how they parent their children. This approach is more than just 'say this/not that'. You will learn deep self-compassion, gentleness, and kindness. This will shift how you understand the meaning behind your child's behaviors, emotions, and needs.

  • Who is Bryana Kappadakunnel?

    The Conscious Mommy framework was designed by Bryana Kappadakunnel, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 10 years of training and experience in working with child-parent dyads. Endorsed as an Infant-Family Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist, Bryana brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience into her classes.

  • How do I access my bundle?

    Upon purchasing, you'll receive a welcome email. This will be your login. All of the workshops will be made available to you immediately for viewing in your portal.

  • How long do I have access to these workshops?

    You'll have access to all of the workshops for 365 days. If you need to extend your enrollment, you can do so at an additional fee. Please email us at team@consciousmommy.com so we can support you.

  • What's your return policy?

    We have a 30 day LOVE IT or LEAVE IT guarantee. If these teachings do not support you in the way that you need, please email us within 30 days of your enrollment for a full refund.

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