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I'm Bryana Kappadakunnel. I'm a licensed psychotherapist + specialist in perinatal, infant, and early childhood mental health. I'm the mom of 2 wonderful children, and just like you...I'm a cycle breaker. My mission is to change the world one child-parent relationship at a time.
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Effective parenting at your finger tips.

Rooted in attachment theory and the neuro-relational framework, parents gain confidence in their skills to manage everything from toddler tantrums to teenage trepidation, and everything in between.

  • Learn the crucial skills of self-observation, self-awareness, and self-regulation

  • Identify key strategies to break the dysfunctional patterns that keep you stuck

  • Master emotional attunement, boundaries without punishment, and collaborative communication in the child-parent relationship + beyond

A safe haven for stressed parents

My online offerings help tired, stressed out parents finally become the conscious parent they never had.

In this space, you learn why you're so triggered and what to do about it. Each class offers concrete steps toward mastering communication and effective discipline with your child.

With the Conscious Mommy framework, you learn how to shift away from the traditional parenting paradigm in which you were raised.

Say goodbye to yelling, punishing, threatening, and shaming. Say hello to connection, collaboration, and finally...truly peaceful homes.

Insightful + Practical Offerings

affordable & accessible

What People Are Saying

Should be a requirement for parenting

by Dawn

I highly recommend people take Becoming the Conscious Parent You Never Had. I actually wish it was a requirement as a parent, because the class is a MUST! The safe space provided to talk about the hard things was most helpful for me. Bryana is very engaging and accepting, as well as an expert in conscious parenting. She is also so genuinely authentic. It is so refreshing just to hear her speak!

Life changing teachings

by Calla

Bryana's teachings have changed my parenting journey and ergo my life, and more importantly, my daughter's life. I am thankful everyday for what I've learned from these workshops and classes. It's made a difference in my life.

Control Freak was AMAZING

by Aaliyah

Let Go of Your Inner Control Freak was AMAZING! It is literally perfect for what I've been dealing with. I really feel like this will not only help my relationship with my children but with my spouse as well. This is EXACTLY what I've been needing to hear and the work I've been needing to do!!!

Meltdowns has been a savior

by Gretta

Consciously Managing Meltdowns has been such a savior. Literally helped so so much, on so many levels. I really loved the mantra for heading into meltdowns. That really clicked it all on for me: take the pause, gather self, and freakin be there for this little guy. After listening, I felt a dark cloud drift away and that felt so amazing. I'm excited to share this with my husband.

Say YES to Triggers!

by Kerry

Loved that I said yes and joined this class! So much great info that I'm excited to listen to again. Plus work through the workbook and find out deeper reasons why I act towards my triggers. I'm so ready to change myself for myself so that my children have a childhood for them.

More affordable than therapy

by Sonia

I was in therapy for about a year, but due to finances, had to stop going. Bryana's classes are more affordable than one-on-one therapy, and I'm already finding the core concepts and exercises to be applicable across all my relationships. I appreciate how accessible these teachings are.

'Triggering' a change in my life

by Tania

Let Go of Your Triggers is literally 'triggering' a change in my life. I have started my breathing practice daily, meditating, giving myself more time and grace all because of this workshop. I am so thankful. I think the part that really got me was when Bryana talked about how we are responsible for getting our own needs met. Life changing - for me and my kids.

Finally healing

by Gia

I was enrolled in Cohort 1 of Becoming the Conscious Parent You Never Had. Bryana has inspired and improved my parenting in more ways than she'll ever know. She is helping me heal. This work is real, raw, deep, and inspired. Bryana is a gift to my family and everyone who gets to learn from her. She has a lot of wisdom to share.

Raising Conscious Siblings is a MUST!


I loved so much how Bryana - in so many different ways - reiterated what she was teaching. The tools that she gave and the role-plays really helped to cement the learning in a clear, simple way. You can't leave this workshop without fully internalizing the spirit of collaboration and immediately implementing it into your home life. This workshop was life changing for my family life!

Empowered & Confident that I Can Let Go of People Pleasing


I wanted to say a huge thank you for the teaching and wisdom you shared in Let Go of Your Inner People Pleaser. I ad so many "aha" moments, which have helped me understand my patterns more deeply. It was a really powerful shift. I can't believe how much information you packed in, but it was not overwhelming, because you relate it so clearly to the experiences we have as people pleasers everyday. I truly believe if all parents had access to the gifts you share here, the world would change rapidly. I found some of your messages affronting at first, but that was because these were the areas of my life I needed to pay attention to. I feel empowered to continue my life's work recovering from people pleasing and confident that I can avoid passing it all on to my daughter.

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